Contao 4.10.0 is available

Contao version 4.10.0 is available. The release contains new features such as an improved routing, mailer transports, enhanced simple tokens, featured events, an improved search, new insert tags, a new image service and a lot more.

The state of the documentation

Last November we announced the new Contao documentation and it's time to say a few words about it and hopefully get more contributors on board.

Contao Two Month Review May and June 2020

A very nice day, we welcome you to our new TV program and wish you excellent reception.

Contao Two Month Review March and April 2020

The world stands still, and yet - or perhaps because of it - a lot has happened in the Contao environment.

Recap of the first Contao Core Developers Meeting 2020

Every year, the Contao Core development team meets twice for a short code sprint of three days.